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Selected Talks, Workshops and Symposia


June 2021: CHI NL Dynamic Robotic Fibers

October 2022: Dutch Design Week, Embedded Designer 

September 2019: Textiles Intersections

June 2019: The Mills, HongKong, ‘Designing Future Techstyle 2019'. Panellist Speaker and Judge.  

June 2019: Workshop, The Mills, Hong Kong, ‘Building a Soft Machine’

October 2017: RCA, School of Design Lecture Series: ‘Challenges of Materiality’. Visiting Lecturer.

July 2017: RCA, Symposium, 'Research Alive: Rite of Passage'. Speaker.

April 2017: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 'E-Stitches.' Speaker.

November 2016: Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC 'Research Alive'. Speaker. 

November 2016: MIT Media Lab, Boston 'Hacking Arts'. Speaker.

October 2015: RCA X MIT, 'Inflating Curiosity' Project. 

April 2016: RCA, Symposium, 'Post Digital Synthetics'. Speaker 

July 2015: RCA, 'Electronic-Textiles' Workshop. Co-organiser. 

November 2014: WCPC, Swansea 'APN Smart Textiles and Fabrics'. Keynote.

October 2014: Westminister Media Forum, London, 'Wearable technology trends and opportunities for the British fashion industry'.Speaker. 

March 2014: SustaSmart, Brussels 'Accelerating Smart Textiles Innovation through Standardization'. Speaker.  

February 2014: Cetemmsa Industrial Design Workshop, Barcelona, Judging Panel.

March 2013: DAMADEI, 20X20 Sketcha Kucha Symposium, Speaker. 

November 2012: House of Lords, Materials Knowledge Transfer Network, Speaker.

September 2008: Dana Centre, Science Museum, London, ‘Another Side of Fashion’ The Fashion for Smart Materials.



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