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Jay Kolvenbag, Miguel Bruns, and Amy Winters. Rapid Prototyping Dynamic Robotic Fibers for Tunable Movement. UIST 2022

Amy Winters, Simone de Waart, and Miguel Bruns. Tension-and-Release: A design principle for dynamic materials. IJDESIGN, 2022

Julia van Zilt, Amy Winters, Hannah Carlotta Kelbel, and Miguel Bruns. The design process of a multidisciplinary tool for developing

interactive textiles. TEI 2022

Amy Winters, Iris Bekkers, Dorsa Nayeb Ghanbar Hosseini, Verindi Vekemans, Samuel Weima, and Miguel Bruns. Dynamic Robotic

Fibers: Liquid Crystal Elastomers for Programmable and Reversible Shape-Changing Behaviors. CHI LBW 2022

Daniëlle Ooms, Bahar Barati, Amy Winters and Miguel Bruns. Life Centered Design: Unpacking a Posthumanist Biodesign Process,

IASDR 2021

Anne Toomey, Elaine Igoe, Amy Winters, Sara Robertson, Elif Ozden-Yenigun. Soft Systems Special Issue Editorial, Journal of Textile

Design Research and Practice, 2021

Amy Winters, Material Robotics: Shaping the Sensitive Interface, in Townsend, K., Solomon, R., Briggs-Goode, A., (eds), Crafting

Anatomies – The Body in Contemporary Fashion and Textile Design, Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2020

Tim Claypole, James Claypole, Alex Holder, Caitlin McCall, Amy Winters, and William Ray, Inorganic printed LEDs for wearable

technology, iarigai 2019

Amy Winters, Wearable Rhythms: Materials in Play, DUXU 2017

Amy Winters, Building a Soft Machine: New Modes of Expressive Surfaces, DUXU 2016

Jonathan Rossiter, Andrew Conn, Cerruto, Amy Winters, and Calum Roke, Colour Gamuts in Polychromatic Dielectric Elastomer Artificial Chromatophores, SPIE 2014


Dutch Design Week 2021

RCA, Textiles Futures Project in collaboration with QMUL, Ars Electronica, 2020

RCA School of Design, Grand Challenge, CERN & LOGITECH ‘MATERIALISE’, 2020

Exhibition Chair, Textile Intersections Conference, London, 2019

Designer in Residence, Mills Fabrica, Hong Kong, 2019

RCA Textiles Soft Systems, Surfaces and Structures, Film, Project Lead, 2019

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